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May 24, 2019 路 Knee replacement revision surgeries are costly and painful. If you have had a knee replacement device replaced within the first few years of the initial implant, or if your doctor is recommending an early revision surgery, you may want to contact an attorney and find out more about lawsuits involving (HVC) bone cement. Jan 07, 2019 路 There are a few reasons that Dr. Buechel and other surgeons would recommend against a knee replacement which can include infection history in the knee, some severe deformities or congenital problems, neurologic conditions that make the muscles unable to support the knee, skin problems that can compromise wound healing, some extreme weight ... Metal-on-Metal Total Knee Replacement Failures and Lawsuits Continue to Rise Metal-on-metal knee replacements, specifically systems manufactured by Zimmer and Johnson & Johnson (DePuy Orthopaedics), are causing problems within the first few years after replacement.

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Mar 12, 2019 路 Robotic knee surgery recovery time is generally only have a convalescence period of two to three weeks in comparison to the eight weeks with a traditional knee replacement. There are many advantages and disadvantages of this kind of surgery over the more traditional knee replacement surgeries.
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The Zimmer Shoulder Replacement Lawsuit Attorneys of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP and their partners have previously represented thousands of defective hip and knee replacement victims. We have taken on the biggest medical device manufacturers in the world, including Zimmer, Biomet, Wright, DePuy, Stryker and more.
Knee replacement lawsuits due to infection complications and recall are on the rise. My Vaccine Lawyer's injury attorneys represent those injured. Knee replacement is a fairly common procedure, and unfortunately, lawsuits from defective knee replacement devices are becoming just as common.
Mar 28, 2018 路 The lawsuits claim that when the loosening happens, the knee implant device can disconnect from the existing bone, resulting in implant failure. Injuries include DePuy knee replacement tibial baseplate loosening which leads to pain, infection, inflammation, and bone or muscle damage.
The lawsuit was filed in the Circuit Court of Tuscaloosa County, Ala. DePuy Synthes markets the Attune Knee System as having "patented technologies" that improve range of motion and give patients "the confidence of a stable knee replacement."
A suit over a botched 2001 knee replacement was settled for $250,000 in 2006, records show. State law requires doctors to report malpractice settlements to the Health Department. If there are at least three malpractice settlements in the previous 10 years, that will be noted on the doctor's profile...
Dec 24, 2020 路 The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between pain beliefs and postoperative pain outcomes in patients who underwent total knee re鈥
Knee replacement lawsuits claim the devices loosened, became unstable and required revision surgery to correct the problems. Depuy Attune, Zimmer NexGen and Arthrex iBalance are among the knee implants named in lawsuits. In the largest knee replacement lawsuit settlement, Sulzer Medica paid $1 billion to settle 4,000 hip and knee implant cases.
The first knee replacement was created in 1968, and since that time, hundreds of thousands of Americans had the procedure done to give themselves a more comfortable life. Unfortunately, multiple complications arose from these replacements , with thousands of users suffering from excruciating knee pain each and every day.
Knee Replacement Lawsuits; Breast Implant Lawsuits; Drug Liability . ... Love County, OK (August 19, 2019) 鈥 On August 17th, just after 9:00 p.m., emergency crews ...
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The Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry. Med J Aust 2004; 180 (5 Suppl): S31-S34 ; 2 Abdel MP, Morrey ME, Jensen MR, Morrey BF. Increased long-term survival of posterior cruciate-retaining versus posterior cruciate-stabilizing total knee replacements. J Bone Joint Surgery Am 2011; 93 (22) 2072-2078
Jun 06, 2018 路 The advantage of partial replacement is that it is a smaller operation which preserves the ligaments, so the chances are it will feel more like a normal knee; with total knee replacement one or ...
Class Action Lawsuits. Filed class action lawsuits seeking claimants. A class action lawsuit is when there is a large group of people who file a complaint against a defendant for similar grievances. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of everyone in the class, that class being a group of people who share similar circumstances, injuries and damages.
Jun 21, 2017 路 Recovery After Knee Replacement Surgery Final Take Home Point: If your goal is to prevent knee replacement surgery, you鈥檒l be better off getting more serious about your weight loss program then having knee arthroscopy surgery for your degenerative knee arthritis.
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May 20, 2016 路 Total knee replacement components consist of three main parts: the femoral component, the tibial component, and the plastic spacer (polyethylene). The surgeon will consider your particular anatomy, amount of knee deformity, ligament stability, and quality of soft tissues to decide which is best for your knee.
Sep 30, 2017 路 Partial knee replacement surgery is a common procedure designed to replace damaged portions of a knee joint with artificial implant materials. Although a highly effective form of treatment for a variety of knee joint problems, there are certain problems that can occur with a partial knee replacement implant.

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Jun 16, 2019 路 Updated 2:10 p.m. June 17, 2019 This story has been updated to include a statement provided by Centura Health after the story鈥檚 publication, and to clarify that the lawsuit filed Saturday is an ...
After several years of constant pain, a different doctor found the my knee caps had been replaced with over-sized ones during the first (knee replacement) surgery, and they had ripped out the stitches in the muscle, causing the knee caps to rub against the ruptured muscle. A second doctor discovered the oversized knee cap, and replaced one.
Apr 04, 2019 路 April 4, 2019. Those patients who have recently received a knee replacement probably have questions about whether the Zimmer Persona Knee is affected by a recall. The Zimmer Persona tibial plate recall was terminated on March 13, 2018, meaning that the recall is no longer active.
Mar 17, 2018 路 Recently in the Legal Examiner (鈥楧ePuy Attune Knee Implant Failures Continue鈥, February 28, 2018), I wrote of the unusually high rate of early failure of the tibial component in patients who have received a DePuy Synthes Attune knee replacement. A review of the FDA鈥檚 Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience (MAUDE) database showed ...
To assess the validity of a patient's recall of events surrounding a past knee-replacement operation, 24 a random sample of 126 patients who had had such surgery between 1984 and 1990 were ...
Allegations made in lawsuits state that Gilead was holding back these safer medications until that timeline had passed. Two cases were filed in 2018 with a lawsuit against Gilead in the state of California, each with two plaintiffs. One was a personal injury lawsuit while the other was a class action lawsuit.
Exactech produces innovative implants, instruments and technologies for joint replacement. Learn about our solutions for extremities, knee and hip surgery.
The Depuy knee replacement lawsuits we file in court demand maximum financial compensation for bodily injury, medical bills, financial loss, pain & suffering and more. A Depuy knee replacement class action style lawsuit called a multi-district litigation (MDL) may provide financial relief.
Knee replacement advances aid some, but many implants produced by Zimmer, Biomet, Stryker and others have been subject to recalls, lawsuits.
In this partial knee replacement surgery, only one side of the joint 鈥 the diseased portion 鈥 is replaced, leaving the healthy portion untouched. Patella-femoral knee replacement If you experience pain under the kneecap, your surgeon may recommend another type of partial knee replacement called patella-femoral knee replacement. This ...
Knee replacement advances aid some, but many implants produced by Zimmer, Biomet, Stryker and others have been subject to recalls, lawsuits.
May 17, 2019 路 There is accumulating evidence for the advantages of rehabilitation involving sensori-motor training (SMT) following total knee replacement (TKR). However, the best way in which to deliver SMT remains elusive because of potential interference effects amongst concurrent exercise stimuli for optimal neuromuscular and morphological adaptations. The aim of this study was to use additional outcomes ...
Feb 06, 2019 路 2020-12-15 - In an order issued on February 4, Judge Arthur D. Spatt of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York granted summary judgment to Zimmer Inc. in a case involving its knee replacement system, finding that the plaintiff's injuries were not caused because of inadequate warnings regarding the device. The federal judge found that the plaintiff, Elizabeth Webb, failed ...
Jun 21, 2019 路 The defendant argued that plaintiff made an excellent recovery and that the jury鈥檚 award was adequate; whereas plaintiff contended that the injury was severe, she continued to have pain, will need surgery to remove the hardware, has post-traumatic arthritis in her knee joint and will ultimately need a total knee replacement.
Whether you are an orthopaedic patient or professional, or someone concerned about your health or the health of your community, the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation exists for you - for your bone and joint health now and in the future.

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